Power Hours Consultancy

Get out of your social media rut and move forward with your social media strategy with a Power Hour.

Power hours are designed to take a long hard look at your current challenges and devise a jargon-free, clarity-filled, plan of action.

We aim to leave you feeling empowered and raring to go with taking your socials to the next level.

What exactly do you get in a power hour?

60-minute video call with a social media coach who has completed an in-depth assessment of your current position on social media.

We will cover your pain points, what isn’t going well and what can be done better. We’ll explore all your options, goals and solutions.

A detailed bespoke report made for your business will be sent to you after the power hour (within 7 days), detailing all that was discussed to get you going. A recording of the power hour can also be sent.

You will also have an open line of email comms with the social media coach for one week following the receipt of the report to go over any queries that may arise.

The power hour is perfect for those who are…

  • Feeling the overwhelm by all there is to do on social media
  • Completely at a loss at what to post and when
  • Lack of consistency with posting
  • Analytics are giving you a headache
  • Constantly posting but feeling invisible
  • Absolutely winging it all!